The Golf Factory Chapter Eleven
Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine"

The Swing Plane

Chapter # Eleven - The Swing Plane


The ground is on a HORIZONTAL PLANE.
The body stands in a VERTICAL PLANE.
The club swings on an INCLINED PLANE somewhere between HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL. The longer the club, the flatter the plane. (more horizontal - the driver). The shorter the club the steeper the plane (more vertical - the putter). Each club has it's own swing plane. This swing plane is determined by the angle formed between the clubhead and the shaft, when the clubhead is soled squarely on the ground (The sole of the club is flat on the ground with neither the toe nor the heel off the ground). The shaft remains in this plane throught the swing. The shaft is on plane, if when the shaft is parallel to the ground, It is parallel to the target line.

If the shaft comes out of the top of the plane, the swing will be too steep and the shot will start left of the target.

If the shaft comes out of the bottom of the plane, the swing will be too flat and the shot will start right of the target.

Homer Kelley's The Golfing Machine
Howard McMeekin, PGA Life Member

Chapter Eleven helps to explain the three different planes that are utlized during the golf swing.