The Golf Factory Chapter Five
Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine"

The Hips

Chapter # Five- The Hips

The HIPS are above the heels of each respective foot at the set up position. The right hip over the right heel, the left hip over the left heel.

During the backswing the RIGHT HIP is the center of the body's backswing motion.

During the forward swing, from hands low point to the end of the follow through the LEFT HIP is the center of the body's motion.

During the backswing, the left hip moves away from the target 45 degrees, around the right hip. At this position the left hip stops its rotation. There is NO more body motion during the backswing.

The arms swing up; the arms drop down. When the hands return to their low point, they are as close to the ground as they get. The left hip rotates, away from the ball, through the setup position until it is facing the target. This rotation of the left hip, away from the ball, pulls the left knee in line under the left hip so that the left leg can support the transfer of weight from the right side.

The right hip is the center of the body's motion during the backswing. Therefore it must remain stationary over the right heel until the left hip takes over as the center of the body's motion during the forward swing. As the left hip rotates through the set up position, to it's finished position facing the target; the right hip follows the rotation of the left hip until the right hip has rotated ninty degrees toward the target. The right hip is now over the left toes and is facing the target.

Homer Kelley's The Golfing Machine
Howard McMeekin, PGA Life Member author of " The Golf Factory"

Chapter five introduces the action of the hips in the golf swing