The Golf Factory Chapter Six
Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine"

The Shoulders

Chapter # Six- The Shoulders

The LEFT SHOULDER is the center of the left arm and club swing.

The SHOULDERS have no motion of their own during the backswing or during the forward swing. Their entire range of motion comes from the LEFT HIP TURN or the COCKING OF THE RIGHT ELBOW.

The shoulders during THE BACKSWING

TheRIGHT SHOULDER is caused to be moved, because of the cocking action of the right elbow. As the right elbow cocks the right forearm, the right shoulder is pushed back away from the target line.

The LEFT SHOULDER is pulled behind the ball by the extension action of the right palm's outward pressure against left thumb.

When the right elbow is fully cocked, the extensor action of the right palm, against the left thumb (left arm), causes the shoulders to be fully coiled and cocked. The shoulders have been rotated fully 90 degrees behind the ball.

The shoulders during THE FOWARD SWING

The shoulders have no forward motion of their own. They remain cocked and closed to the target line until they are pulled forward by centrifugal force of the swinging motion of the clubhead and the rotation of the left hip, away from the ball.

Homer Kelley authored the Golfing Machine
Howard McMeekin, PGA Life Member, the head pro at Myrtle Beach South Golf Vacations

The role of the shoulders is explained in chapter six of the Golf Factory