The Golf Factory Chapter Two
Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine"

The Stance

Chapter # Two - The Stance

The proper stance will enable one to create a powerful and repetitive swing.

1) THE STANCE begins with the feet. They are placed under the hips, with the feet, knees and hips forming straight parallel lines.

2) The knees are bent slightly so they are over the balls of the feet.

3) The back bends from the waist so that the shoulders are over the balls of the feet. The shoulders form a straight line with the balls of the feet and knee.

4) The head is held up away from the chest.

5) The weight is evenly distributed over both feet. The weight is slightly back toward the heels so that the toes can be patted without any lose of balane.

6) The left foot is pointed 45 degrees toward the target. This will enable the body to turn with no restrictions.

7) The right foot is pointed 5 degrees away from the target. This will help to restrict the lower body turn away from the target during the backswing.

8) The body aims slightly left of the target, parallel to the Target line.

The Golfing Machine
Howard McMeekin, PGA Life Member, teaches The Golfing Machine

Chapter two concentrates on the proper stance.