Homer Kelley's " The Golfing Machine"
made understandable by
Howard McMeekin, PGA "The Golf Factory"

Understanding the very complex golf swing will make it very simple after all.

Homer Kelley's
"The Golfing Machine"

Howard McMeekin has created

"The Golf Factory"

A golfer friendly version of Homer Kelley's
"The Golfing Machine"

Is there a perfect golf swing?
Can you learn the perfect swing?
Play the best golf you can with your swing!

There is a perfect golf swing. Yes, as a matter of fact there are TWO perfect golf swings.

The Golf Factory will teach the golfer that there is indeed, a perfect golf swing. It can be duplicated and repeated. Less than perfect swings can be utilized with a degree of success and enjoyment. There are 24 components to the golf swing. Each component has from three to ten variations. There are millions of possible combinations of these components. Any number of these component variations can be used together to create a golf swing.

The FIRST PERFECT GOLF SWING is the Centrifugal Force Swing,

the force coming from the rotation of the body, driven by the turning of the left hip away from the ball.

The SECOND PERFECT GOLF SWING is the Hitting Swing,

the force coming from the thrusting of the right arm towards the target.

Either one of these swings can produce the desirable results needed to play the game of golf. Either one of these perfect swings can be changed by any one of the multitudes of possible combinations, and used to some degree of perfection.

"The Golf Factory" is a golf swing concept based on "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelley.

THE GOLF FACTORY will teach the individual the perfect golf swing.

He can choose to strive to duplicate the perfect swing or elect to use some lesser variation. Either way he can enjoy the game of golf at some level of reliability.

Homer Kelley the author of "The Golfing Machine" was an engineer for Boeing Aircraft during World War II. He was responsible for correcting any design flaws of their new aircraft.

His boss came to him one day saying, "How cruel the game of golf is. I played Saturday and had complete control of my game. I had finally beaten the demon. I expected to play well forever. I went out to play Sunday, fully expecting to have the best game of my life. I was crushed. I had regressed to the level of a beginner. The demon was back on top. I had lost any and all control of the golf ball". This statement by his boss challenged Homer Kelley's problem solving attitude. Homer never played golf, but he began studying the golf swing.

He focused on the relationships between the PHYSICS of striking a golf ball, the GEOMETRY of the golf swing, the ability of the human BODY and MIND to create a consistently dependable and repetitive golf swing motion. Homer never thought he was far from discovering the secrets. After 24 years of dedicated study, he was ready to present his findings to the golfing world.

Homer Kelley's book "THE GOLFING MACHINE" is a very detailed, precise and knowledgeable golf textbook. Unfortunately, this book written in an engineering context is too complex for the average golfer to comprehend.

The GOLF FACTORY will take this very complex book and make it understandable to the everyday golfers. We are going to make this book available on line.

"The Golf Factory" is a golf school based on Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine"

Thanks for checking out "The Golf Factory".

We hope it has been beneficial to you.

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 1


The CLUBHEAD, The HANDS & The LEFT HIP rotate at the same rate....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 2

The Stance

The proper stance will enable one to create a powerful and repetitive swing....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 3

The Feet

The LEFT FOOT should remain flat on the ground....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 4

The Knees

The KNEES are above the balls of the feet....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 5


The HIPS are above the heels of each respective foot at the set up position....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 6

The Shoulders

The LEFT SHOULDER is the center of the left arm and club swing....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 7

The Grip

THE GRIP is the most important aspect of the golf swing....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 8

The Arms

THe LEFT ARM at start up, is straight, tension free and pointing from the shoulder to a point slightly behind the ball.

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 9

The Wrist

THE WRIST can do one of three things that control the clubface....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 10

The Spine

The SPINE is straight at address and remains straight thoughout the swing....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 11

The Swing Plane

There are three planes in golf....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 12

The Golf Ball Flight

The golf ball can take one of nine ball flights....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 13

The Golf Ball Flight Causes

What causes a golf ball to go where it does....

The Golf Factory - Chapter # 14

The Greenside Bunker Shots

There are two basic greenside bunker shots....